Who I'm Voting For, MA State Election 2018

Here’s how I’m planning to vote in all the statewide races, and why. Hopefully this will help you make your decisions.

Early voting is already open all across the state (times and locations vary by city), and election day is Tuesday November 6 from 7am to 8pm. Check that you’re registered to vote and check your polling place (early voting may be at a different location). Make a plan now for when and how you’re getting to the polls.

Here’s the list:


Jay Gonzalez / Quentin Palfrey (D)
Charlie Baker / Karyn Polito (R, Incumbent)

Charlie Baker has somehow built this reputation as a “Moderate Republican”, and I hear people say how great it is to have a Republican governor balancing the Democratic state legislature. Bullshit. Half as bad as other Republicans is still bad. Baker has endorsed Diehl, the Trumpist challenger to Elizabeth Warren. He’s sent Massachusetts National Guard to join ICE and Border Patrol in their cruel treatment of immigrants. He’s fought against the Affordable Care Act and supported fossil fuel infrastructure. When people say he’s “balanced” or “moderate” or “bipartisan”, that’s the kind of Republican policy that comes along with it.

Jay Gonzalez is pretty good. Not perfect, but he doesn’t have to be. He just has to be as unRepublican as possible.


Elizabeth Warren (D, Incumbent)
Shiva Ayyadurai (I)
Geoff Diehl (R)

Diehl and Shiva are both far-right. This one is obvious.

Attorney General

Maura Healey (D, Incumbent)
James McMahon (R)

Maura Healey is very progressive and regularly pushes for justice and equality. McMahon is your garden variety awful Republican.

Secretary of State

Juan Sanchez (Green-Rainbow)
Bill Galvin (D, Incumbent)
Anthony Amore (R)

I’m unhappy with Galvin. He’s been slow on election reform, and he’s repeatedly caused controversy with unethical and unempathetic actions. I don’t know much about Sanchez. He seems like he’d be progressive in good ways. But mostly this is just a protest vote against Galvin, who I expect to win.


Deb Goldberg (D, Incumbent)
Jamie Guerin (Green-Rainbow)
Keiko Orrall (R)

No complaints about Deb Golberg. I’m happy to stick with a Democratic incumbent here.


Suzanne Bump (D, Incumbent)
Jed Stamas (Green-Rainbow)
Helen Brady (R)
Daniel Fishman (Libertarian)

No complaints about Suzanne Bump. I’m happy to stick with a Democratic incumbent here.


I’m still undecided on this, gently leaning towards no. I’m not worried about costs or hospitals needing to close because of it. Spending money on better health care and labor improvements is good. I’m mostly worried that a heavy-handed one-size-fits-all limit will decrease hospitals’ ability to flexibly provide the best care they can. I’m worried about people not being able to get care because there’s a hard ceiling on hospital capacity. But also, supporting organized labor is important, and I feel bad voting against it. If you have stronger opinions or good resources for making a decision, please let me know.


Yes, I guess? I’ve never heard anybody care about this one.


Yes, and if you vote no, fuck you.