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Map for bus connections at Dudley Station, Boston

List of Station Maps

Though I didn’t know of any maps of Dudley Station at the start of this project, I’ve since found a few. They’re all here, along with other MBTA station maps I’ve found, and a few from outside MBTA.

If you find more maps, please send them to me.

Maps of Dudley Station

Photo of Dudley Station Bus Finder poster from 2007

Grayscale map of Dudley Station by Sky Rose, February 2017


Map of Dudley Station by Nathaniel Fruchter, April 2017

PNG SVG Github

Map of Dudley Station


Map of Dudley Station by Andrew Stokols, 2015

A new MBTA standard

The MBTA has begun to standardize on this map style. I don’t like the style (having to remember a berth letter/number requires extra mental load, the lack of color makes the maps hard to navigate, and there’s too much irrelevant detail), but it’s more important that these maps are widespread and consistent than that they’re good.

Right now I only know of these two examples. Please make more, MBTA!

Photo of a map of bus platforms at Orient Heights


Photo of a map posted on a chain link fence of the temporary lower busway at Sullivan


Other MBTA station maps

Map of bus platforms at Ashmont Station

Map of exits from Alewife Station

Photo of a simple map of downtown crossing station, on a plaque with a golden background.

Map of entrances to Copley

Map of Route 39 stop location change, as part of the Casey Arborway Project, October, 2017

Park St elevator alert with detour to DTX

Photo of a map of the Emergency Training Center

Outside the MBTA


Here’s a good example:

Bus Map of Elephant and Castle, London

Cutaway drawing of flyover junction, platforms, and entrances. Location unspecified.