Station Maps Gallery

I started my Dudley Station Map project because I couldn't find a station map. I've since found a few, and I've started collecting them here. I'll keep this list udpated as I find more. If you find any that aren't here, please send them to me.

Maps of Dudley Station

A New MBTA Standard

The MBTA has begun to standardize on this map style. I don’t like the style (having to remember a berth letter/number requires extra mental load, the lack of color makes the maps hard to navigate, and there’s too much irrelevant detail), but it’s more important that these maps are widespread and consistent than that they’re good. Please make more, MBTA!

Other MBTA Maps

Fire Annunciator Maps

The most reliable place to find station maps is on the fire alarm annunciators. They're not really useful for navigation, but may be useful for future map-making, so I collect them.

Non MBTA Maps